Saba 2014

November 22nd to 29th 2014

Join SJS on our return trip to Saba for a seven night stay at Juliana's November 22nd to 29th, 2014. Our trip includes boat 11 dives, Breakfast and Two Dinners, Lodging and transfers.

If you're looking for a franchised resort, casinos, shopping malls and direct flights from every major city, Saba is not for you. Instead click here for the CHA website to locate one of those Caribbean islands.  

Why Juliana’s Hotel…
Reflecting the true spirit of the island of Saba, Juliana’s Hotel is a small and intimate retreat from the hectic pace of modern living. Our friendly, efficient and multilingual staff (fluent in English, Dutch and French) will quickly get to know you, providing a level of personal service and individual attention unsurpassed anywhere on the island. Juliana’s can also arrange fishing trips, guided hikes, art classes and workshops for you so that you can get the most out of your stay on Saba. Your every need will be taken care of from the time of booking until departure

What’s Special about Juliana’s Hotel…
Juliana’s offers a variety of accommodation suited to each individual’s preference; for the budget minded traveler a comfortable garden view room and for those who seek more luxurious accommodation a fully equipped private Saban cottage. Just steps away from your room Tropics Café serves breakfast till noon and a full lunch and dinner menu throughout the entire day, together with it's pool and hot tub facilities it's a unique venue enjoyed by Hotel guests, other tourists and islanders alike.

Saba Island and Juliana’s Hotel offer a true “get-away-from-it-all” experience. The peaceful haven of this tropical island, with its spectacular marine life as well as its abundant flora and fauna, creates a relaxed & friendly atmosphere to help sooth the most agitated of spirits within hours of arrival.

If you're looking for a unique experience on an island where 50 tourists is a busy week, hiking and relaxing are considered things to do and there's world class diving, read on!

Although the little island of Saba is considered a remote, exotic destination it is by no means "third world".  Saba is old fashioned but not impoverished or considered a risk destination.  

Saba, an exotic alternative within your reach

Saba proudly declares itself "The Unspoiled Queen" referring to her unspoiled nature and inhabitants.  The best way to describe this unique island with only 1400 people is to list their "have nots".  Saba has no crime, no high rises, no traffic or traffic lights, no pesky insects, no crowds, no fast food restaurants, no casinos, no cruise ships.  Oh, and we almost forgot, no beaches.  Instead Saba's guests enjoy a choice of small, family-run hotels and private cottages within quaint villages among friendly locals.  Diving is conducted under the auspices of the Saba Marine Park, a model park recognized for its success in protecting the marine environment.  A six-man hyperbaric facility is located at our Fort Bay Harbor only 10-15 minutes from most dive sites.  Topside Saba is protected by the Saba Conservation Foundation with only a small percentage of the island 'developed' for residential and commercial needs.  Ten to fifteen restaurants offer an array of cuisine from outdoor barbeques to fine dining, all at reasonable prices.  Although there is no ATM and perhaps your cell phone won't work here, Saba has a fiber optic phone system, its own ISP, and even a "high speed" internet cafe. 

Space is limited to 12 divers. A non-refundable deposit (Deposits may be transferred to another person) of $500.00 per person to sign up.  Final payment due August 1st, 2014.
 Estimated cost $1450.00 per Diver and includes a trip T-Shirt, Breakfast Daily with two Dinners at the Tropics Cafe.

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