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Travel Tips for the Scuba Diver
Ten things to think about.

1.  Do not expect to find things to be like at home. Remember, you left home to find things     different.
2.  Do not take anything too seriously. A carefree mind is vital to a good vacation.
3.  Do not let other travelers get on our nerves. You paid good money to enjoy yourself.
4.  Do not forget: you are a representative of your country at all times.
5.  Try not to worry, because he or she who worries will have no fun. Remember that few things in life are fatal.
6.  Know where your passport is at all times because a traveler without a passport is a traveler without a country.
7.  As a stranger in a strange land, be prepared to do as its people do.
8.  Do not judge all people of a country by the actions of one person who has given you trouble.
9.  Learn how to say thank you in the language of the county you're visiting. A sincere thank you, along with a sincere smile, doubles the value of any tip you may give.
10. Remember that you are a guest and those travelers who treat their hosts with respect will be treated with respect.

Before your flight.

Low humidity in airplane cabins can cause people to lose as much as 3 oz. of water during an eight-hour flight.
That can be compounded by loss from alcohol and caffeine ingestion and lead to dehydration and related complications. When diving the next day (sometimes within 10-hours of arrival), your risk of DCS can increase.
To maintain hydration in flight, take along your own water bottle.

Dive gear and the Airlines.

Some airlines are starting to charge extra for dive gear. Most will look the other way if you do not call it to their attention and do not overweight the bags. If the limit is 60 lbs, keep you bags under 55 lbs. Pack cloths in with your dive gear. If they ask what is in your dive bag, simply say, cloths and other items. Try and keep markings that call attention to diving off the outside of the bag. Carry on your cameras, dive computers and regulators in a carry on bag. Remember, many overseas flight now limit you to one (1) carry-on bag. However a purse does not count. Guys, just tell them your second carry-on is your purse. 

Lost Luggage and your rights as a Passenger

It isn't a matter of asking, it's a matter of law and the law changed two years ago. The compensation cap for baggage lost on Domestic flights prior to January 18, 2000 was $1,250.00. It has changed to $2,500.00. For lost luggage lost on international flights, compensation remains unchanged and is subject to the liability limit set by the Warsaw Convention of $9.07 per pound with a maximum of $640.00 per bag. The international limit also applies on domestic segments of international trips. Bear in mind that airlines don't automatically pay the full amount of every claim received. They estimate the value of lost possessions, then consider their depreciated value-not the original price or even the replacement cost. To avoid being left with less compensation than your belongings are worth, consider purchasing "Excess Valuation" coverage for the airlines, if it's available. It isn't insurance per say, but it does ratchet up the carrier's potential liability. If the airline's settlement doesn't fully cover your loss, check your homeowner's or renter's police, which sometimes compensates you for losses on the road. Lastly, some credit card companies offer supplemental coverage. 

New Security Rules

New security rules in effect now limit you to one (1) carry-on bag and one (1) personal item such as a purse, camera bag, shoulder bag or diaper bag. Personal items size may be limited to 10" x 10" x 13", depending on the carrier. Passengers may now have with them nail clippers, tweezers, safety razors (including disposables), syringes (with documented proof of medical need) and eye-lash curlers aboard. Expect more hand-wand searches and to be ask more questions at security screening check points. Plan on arriving two (2) hours prior to departure to have plenty of time for check-in.

American Airlines Baggage Rules as of November 1st, 2001
Each passenger may have two carried-on personal items with only one (1) being a carry on bag not larger than 9" wide by 13" high by 23" wide. Personal carry-on items include laptop computer, brief case, back pack, small camera case and purse.  
The following items are permitted in your carry-on bag or to be carried on.
Walking cane 
Nail Clippers
Eyelash curlers
Safety razors
Syringes (with documented medical need)
Umbrellas (once inspected)
Some Strollers
Each person may have three (3) bags total. Two must be checked and one (1) carry-on plus one personal item such as a back pack.

Top 10 Signs You Have NOT Tipped Your Divemaster Enough

10.  After the dive he tries to convince you that the 500 psi left in your tank is just fine for the        500-foot dive he wants to take you on now at no extra charge.
9.   He invites you to the annual "Great White - No Cage, No Problem Dive Experience."
8.   He hands the tip back saying, "You obviously need this more than I do."
7.   Your dive log is signed "M. T. Pawkets."
6.   He assists you and your gear off the boat 20 feet from the dock.
5.   He waits until you’re doing your safety stop under the boat to pump out the marine head.
4.   His dive briefing, in its entirety, is "There’s a reef somewhere, kind of that way, good luck."
3.   When you give him the out-of-air signal under water, he asks you, "Visa or Mastercard?"
2.   Your dive at Stingray City is replaced with trip to Sea Wasp City.
1.   When you hold out his tip, he looks at it and says, "Drink machine is over there, buddy."

Headed Out for a Dive Trip??

Don’t forget to pack these handy items in your luggage!

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Mask & Fins * Snorkel * Regulator * BCD * Weight Pouches (if needed) Booties * Wetsuits
 Dive Computer *  User's manual for Computer Gauges  Clips to hold Gauges 
Camera / Camcorder / Film/Tapes *  Save a Camera Kit *  Extra batteries for lights, cameras, computers
Safety Sausage *  Save a dive Kit *  Extra Mask and Fin Straps *  Tank lights for night dives
Slates  *  Tables * Industrial Spit * Flashlights * Pocket mask * Mesh Dive Bag * Bungee Cords
Logbook * Certification Cards * Sunglasses * Sandals * Swimsuits * Candy for the Boat
Insect Repellant * Books/Magazines * SJS T-shirt for the trip home * Sunblock * Tip money

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