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You love to dive, and you can't wait for that next visit to the magic world
beneath the waves. Dive gear takes you there, and the right gear can make
your visit safer, more enjoyable and more productive.

You know this, and you know that SCUBAPRO offers the world's finest
line of high-performance, top-quality dive gear. Now, the time has come to
select the individual components that will become your personalized scuba system.



America's leading full-line scuba diving company, U.S. Divers Co., Inc.! With over 50 years of experience in recreational diving and snorkeling, they are committed to providing products for all levels of water sports activities.

Browse their site to become familiar with their full line of products, check out the latest gear, or inquire about specific technical information, tecinfo@usdivers.com. In the event you see something of particular interest, you can find a worldwide dealer listing on their dealer locator page.


Oceanic's buoyancy compensators prove that durability and functionality go hand-in-hand with comfort and appearance. They have developed strong, supple Bioflex® material so that they could design their BCs with a sleek, form-fitting profile that not only looks good and glides smoothly through the water, but also provides increased inflation capability.

The quality in their regulators is unsurpassed. A rigorous series of tests by Rodale's ScubaLab confirmed what we already knew: Oceanic regulators achieved the very highest ratings in those independent tests. Their regulators are configured for minimum drag and to provide an ease of breathing that comes amazingly close to your own natural breathing.

Oceanic's focus on research and development remains as strong as ever. In the near-term future, they will provide you with an even more comprehensive data set on your dive computer, presented in ever more accessible forms such as heads-up display. You'll see underwole paradigm of diving as you knowater communications systems that will let your diving experiences surpass your dreams once again. Also on the drawing boards are advanced breathing systems that hold the promise of changing the wh it.


With over 25 years in business, SeaQuest is one of the top diving equipment manufactures today. Check out their web site by clicking the logo.


Luxfer is the world's largest manufacturer of aluminum cylinders, with manufacturing bases in the UK, USA and Australia. They meet the specific needs of every market, with advanced design, product development and innovation, backed by a strict adherence to quality and safety standards. Little wonder we're the first choice for gas under pressure throughout the globe.

From the ocean depths, under pressure in an emergency, or adding a sparkle to ice cold drinks, Luxfer Gas Cylinder technology is providing answers to an increasing number of applications in today's world with reassuringly reliable cylinders.


IkeLite, A Leader in Underwater Lighting, Direction, & Photography.

Check out their web site by clicking the logo.


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210 Chance Drive, Oceanside, NY   11572   U.S.A.
In US: call 1-800-633-4837
     Out of U.S. call 011-516-255-4668     Fax: 1-516-766-7333

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Looking for a Dry Suit.

Call Ernie
at 816-233-8344



  • We only use the highest quality materials which have been carefully researched and selected.

  • Throughout the entire production process, quality is at the center of each step.

  • The drysuit sealing process involves triple-glued seams and polymer sealant technology on the Pinnacle Series & the Pro 650HD drysuits and heat-tape technology on the UltraFlex Pro drysuit.

  • Well trained production staff ensures top quality workmanship.

  • Each drysuit is carefully pressure tested before shipping.


  • The fit of your drysuit is ensured by our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM system and our highly trained and talented staff.

  • All of our drysuits are available as custom-made or in stock sizes.

  • Every drysuit has its own serial number and the measurements are stored on our computer system which means that if a panel is damaged, it can be easily recut and inserted.

  • Each set of measurements is carefully scanned for accuracy before the pattern is designed.



  • The range of options available on a Diving Concepts drysuit is unrivalled in the drysuit industry.

  • The Pinnacle Series and the UltraFlex Pro drysuits are available in front and back entry.


  • Great fit means great comfort!

  • The temperature range at which you can dive comfortably in your Diving Concepts drysuit is much greater than in a wetsuit.

  • Energy conservation and comfort in your drysuit are dramatically increased as compared to a wetsuit.